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​Purple Room

The Purple room is our older toddler room that offers a large variety of activities. The room is divided up into centers that help children departmentalize areas of play. A block center, library, housekeeping, manipulatives puzzles and more are right at their finger tips. They will have a routined day so as to know what to expect. Morning meeting, breakfast, art time, free play, outside time, story time and more are all a part of the morning your child will experience. Children thrive in this rich environment and are encouraged to explore it until their hearts content. A filling nutricious lunch is then provided with time to re-charge with a rest period. 

Children are exposed to opportunity to learn shapes, colors, numbers and letters in a fun none stressful way. We want learning to be a joy and natural without the pressure. This room is often one of our louder rooms since the children are so into what they are doing that the room is filled with noise. A sure sign that learning is taking place. Play is a child's work and that is how they learn. Your child will be very ready for thier pre-school experience after spending time in this room.