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September Newsletter
Welcome back! Another school year is upon us and we are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. 

Here are some reminders for the month of September.

- Please sign your child in and out every day. This is very important in case there ever is an emergency.

- Parking is limited but please be courteous to our neighbors. Please do not park in front of their driveways or the alley.

- Please do not allow your child to bring in food or drinks. We serve breakfast at 9am. If your child needs to eat prior, please feed them before they arrive. This is very important for the children & staff who suffer from food related allergies. (ME INCLUDED!)

- Please put your child’s name on all belongings. (Coats, blankets, spare clothes, etc.) 

- Payments are due promptly each Friday. Please do not fall behind on tuition or copays set by Rutgers. 

- If you have Rutgers, you must swipe your child in and out everyday on the machine. All days MUST be accounted for, including sick.

- Blankets must be brought in every Monday and taken home every Friday to be washed. This is not only a state law for your child to have bedding but also allows your child to be comfortable during nap. If blankets or sheets are forgotten, even for one day, a fee of $5 will be charged to help cover laundering costs. PLEASE DON’T FORGET THEM!

- Please be sure to keep a set of spare clothes in your child’s mailbox. Accidents do happen and we don’t always have extra clothes when this occurs.

- If your child is still in diapers, it is your responsibility to provide them, along with wipes.

- Please try to bring your child in by 9am, this way, they can enjoy breakfast with their classmates and morning activities and projects. This will also allow them to adjust to nap time better. If it is later then 11am, please wait to bring them in after 2:00, when the other children wake up from nap.

We close at 5:30pm. If you are late, expect a late fee and please pay ASAP. We have to cover overtime for staff to stay with your child, therefore a late fee will be applied.

- We will be closed Monday 9/3, Tuesday 9/4, and Wednesday 9/5.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here for you and your child.Mrs. Tiffany