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December Newsletter

​Hours of operation: We open the doors at 5:30am, per our clocks. If staff is here prior to that, it is on their time and will not open earlier. At the same time, we close at 5:30pm. Please be considerate of the people who spend all day with your child and be here prior to 5:30pm. I am enforcing late fees to anyone who is late more than once. You must pay this fee in cash since it goes directly to the staff member who stayed late. It will cost you $10 for every 10 minutes you are late.

Book exchange: For those of you unfamiliar with the book exchange, each child brings in one wrapped book with your child’s name on the “from” section. Each classroom will have a box that the book gets placed in. If your child brings in a book, they will get to choose one book to have as a gift. This is the way each child gets to give and receive from a classmate. All books must be in by Dec. 19th. I do have two requests if you participate, first, do not spend more than $3.00 on a book, second, please no books of a religious nature. Even though Christmas is a religious holiday, we leave religious practices to each parent.

Seasonal Holiday party: Each class will have a small in class celebration on Thursday, Dec 20th. Be sure to read your child’s class newsletter to find out what their teacher will be doing. Sign-up sheets for class goodies will be on the counter next to the sign-in book.

Closings: We will be closed Dec. 25th through Jan. 1st and re-open on Wed. Jan. 2nd.

Half Day: We will have a half day on Monday, Dec. 24th. We will be closing at 12:30pm. In order to utilize this day, you must sign your child up by Dec. 19th. We need an exact count to hire staff accordingly.

Tuition: Many parents have fallen behind at least a week. Remember tuition is due the Friday before the week begins. Bookkeeping and payroll get very difficult when too many people fall behind. During holiday closings is the most common time when people get confused and fall behind. Make tuition payments as usual on Friday. Remember you will not be here a week to make a payment anyway. Monthly tuition is fixed. Do not adjust for the week we close; this has already been done for you. If you are behind in tuition, please catch up. I don’t like letting people know they are late but the teachers and utility companies like prompt payments. Thanks to those of you who pay on time, it is greatly appreciated!

Flu Shots: All children must have their flu shots prior to Dec. 31st and we must receive a copy of their shot record for their file. If your child does not receive their shot, they cannot return to Corson Park until they receive it or April 1st. This is state mandated. 

Rutgers Child Care Assistance: Please remember to swipe every day! It does become a hassle if you fall behind and have to swipe for numerous days. It also allows for mistakes to occur and the swiping to not get done properly. If your child does not attend a day, you still must swipe sick. Every day must be accounted for. If you lose your card, please tell me immediately, also, please call Rutgers so they may send you out a new one. While you are waiting on your new card, we can fill out paperwork for payment but if you do not tell me or you do not tell Rutgers, payments will not be made or received and the amount then becomes your responsibility. Also, if Rutgers has given you a co-pay, please make sure you are paying this amount weekly, or doubling up and paying bi-weekly. This is your responsibility and, in the contract, that you signed and agreed upon.