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March Newsletter
​Some reminders for the month of March:

-Names on outerwear: With warmer weather sneaking up on us (hopefully), it is imperative that names be on all removable clothing. Please check to make sure your child’s name is on their coats, hats, etc.

-Parking: Remember space is limited. Please maximize and be considerate of other parents who also need to get to work on time. Also, please be courteous to our neighbors and try to avoid parking in front of their driveways and the alley. 

-Sign In & Out Book: You must sign your child in and out everyday. This is a requirement by licensing and it assists us if any emergency were to occur.

-If you receive child care assistance, you will also receive a family first card to swipe your child in and out. This card must be activated as soon as it is received; this is part of your contractual agreement. Once your card is activated, you must swipe your child in and out everyday. If they are absent, they must be swiped as sick. Everyday must be accounted for in order to continue to receive assistance and to maintain an opening for your child at our facility.

-Medication: Medication must be signed in for us to administer it to your child. We go by dosages on the bottle, whether it is OTC or prescription. If the medicine does not have dosages for your child’s age, you must have a letter from your doctor for the proper dosage. This includes cough medicine, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc.

-Long-Term Medications: If your child is on a nebulizer or inhaler, a care plan for your child must be filled out by the doctor before we can administer any medication. Once this paper is filled out, it is good for up to a year or until the treatment changes. We cannot administer any medication that is not listed on this sheet, so please be sure to have the doctor list all medications. 

-Illness- If your child is sent home sick, they cannot return until they are symptom free for 24 hours or after they have seen a doctor and received a note stating they are symptom and contagious free. This is not only a state licensing regulation we must adhere to, but a good way to help prevent illnesses from continuously re-occurring. 

-Closure Dates- We are closed March 31st for Good Friday. We also will be closed April 2nd to April 6th for Spring Break. You will not be charged for this week.